January 2024 Pupdate for Heirloom

Posted 1/18/2024

Nyx had a great holiday that included time off with extra games and play where she thoroughly enjoyed all the games of ball in the yard. Before the break, she did a fantastic smoke alarm alert demo at our holiday party/open house. The student that was handling her decided to see if she would wear sunglasses for treats, which she took in stride. Her hearing dog training is progressing well and we will continue to add additional sounds to her repertoire. Most of her sound work has been at our classrooms or home so far so we will also be having her alert when we are out in public.

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Black Lab Nyx wears a black and red scarf while lying a on giant dog bed between a yellow Lab and a beagle. In the background, there is a plant and another black Lab lying down on a rug.
Black Lab Nyx looks dapper as she wears her red service dog vest and matching sunglasses while sitting on a purple platform.