January 2024 Pupdate for Lolo

Posted 1/18/2024

Happy New Year from your favorite girl! Lolo is loving her new job and having so much fun working in new places. She has stellar obedience and loves to hang out with me at my desk. She loves bouncing around on all the plastic play structures and sharing her bones with her friends in community run. Lolo is such a good girl and joy to train.

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Lolo, a female yellow Labrador, sits in harness in downtown Gresham on a sidewalk. She is sitting in her leather harness and is looking at the camera in front of a green bush with small orange berries.
Lolo, a female yellow Labrador, stands her two front feet on a fake tree stump in the grassy free run area on the Oregon campus. She has a big smile on her face and her tail is mid wag.