January 2024 Pupdate for Metzi

Posted 1/18/2024

Metzi has had a blast getting to be a dog before finding out what her future holds! We’ve loved getting to know her and learning about which toys are her favorites. ‘Metz’ hasn’t let us see her alter ego from her puppy raising home, ‘Zimet’, just yet, but she’s packed with personality and is spectacular company. She has loved spending some time in a foster care home, getting to know new dogs and people, and exploring the big wide world around our Oregon campus.

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Female yellow lab, Metzi, stands with her front paws on a round, light blue plastic stool. She looks at the camera with her mouth open. A children’s playground structure with green turf-style grass is in the background.
Female yellow lab, Metzi, stands and looks at the camera. Her head is in focus, close to the camera, with an endearing expression on her face. There is grass and tan bushes out of focus in the background.