January 2024 Pupdate for Mikey

Posted 1/18/2024

Mike, Mikey-mike, Michael, Mike Wazowski are a few of the names he’s collected while on campus. Mikey’s been spending his days cuddling on a cozy bed, hanging out with the CWTT staff, playing with stuffies, taking leisurely sniffaris around campus and chewing on his favorite Nylabones.

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Mikey, a yellow Labrador is playing in community run on the Oregon  campus. He is playing with a blue jolly ball, sticking his nose in the hole of the ball to investigate the ball inside. His big ears are flopping forwards.
Mikey, a yellow Labrador is sitting on a bed in an xpen. There is an assortment of bones at his paws. He is staring intently at the camera with his big ears and brown eyes, in anticipation of a snack.