January 2024 Pupdate for Raelyn

Posted 1/18/2024

Raelyn progressed very quickly through the beginning stages of sound work. She is very interested in sounds and has a very strong ability to problem solve. Raelyn’s obedience skills are wonderful, which is great to work with as a trainer. We continue to work on impulse control with leave its, drops, and waiting at all doorways. She is a bundle of energy in the play yard, in fact, zooming in circles is her favorite activity. She is a joy to work with! Raelyn, along with 4 of her dog friends, visited our local holiday event, The Festival of Trees where they were able to see and smell all the beautiful Christmas tree displays that included lights, moving objects, and music and got the best belly rub ever from Santa himself!

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Yellow Lab Raelyn looks into the camera while practicing her down in public and wearing a green vest that says Service Dog. A cart with green plants is in the background.
Yellow Lab Raelyn lies at