January 2024 Pupdate for Sapphire

Posted 1/18/2024

As her time in training progress, Sapphire continues to learn and experience so much! Recently, she visited downtown Portland and traveled on the light rail outside the Oregon Zoo! Sapphire has really begun blossoming into her new role and I'm so proud of her progress. While she is focused during her working time, Sapphire loves her off-leash time to chase after a Kong and zoomie around a room!

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Sapphire lies down, in harness, on a concrete floor inside a bookstore. In view is her leather leash that is wrapped around her instructor's leg while they practice settling behavior. Sapphire is looking right and into the camera with an expectant look (for kibble reward) on her face.
A picture of Sapphire in motion is snapped in a grassy play yard on the Oregon campus. She is in the process of excitedly approaching the camera with her tongue sticking out.