January 2024 Pupdate for Supreme

Posted 1/18/2024

Happy New Year from your favorite golden boy! Supreme is living up to his name and is loving his new job! He guides with pride and with a special wag in his tail that makes everyone fall in love and tell me how cute he is. Supreme loves to chew on every bone in community run and get loved on by all the instructors. Supreme and I always make time for cuddling throughout the day. He is having a blast in foster care and getting spoiled rotten.

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Supreme, a male golden Labrador cross, sits in his guide dog harness in front of a large Christmas tree. The tree is full of red and white striped, gold, and green ornaments. Supreme is placed in front of big green presents with red bows on them. He is looking at the camera with a head tilt.
Supreme, a male golden Labrador cross, lays on a green plastic play structure in community run. He has both paws around a big giant nylabone and is chewing on it while looking at the camera.