January 2024 Pupdate for Valerie

Posted 1/18/2024

Happy New Year from your favorite girl! Valerie is loving her new job and is learning all things guide dog! Valerie is so sweet and such a blast to train. I love her go-go-go attitude and wiggly self. She is a great settler at coffee shops and my desk! Everyone makes comments about how cute she is on campus and in town. Valerie loves to run around and share nylabones with her roommates.

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Valerie, a female yellow Labrador, sits in her leather harness on a sidewalk in downtown Gresham. Behind her brick half wall and some green bushes and trees. The sky is blue and Valerie is looking at the camera.
Valerie, a female yellow Labrador, stands her front feet on a fake gray rock in the grassy free run on the Oregon campus. She is looking at the camera and her tail is mid wag.