January 2024 Pupdate for Venice

Posted 1/18/2024

Venice's love for life is contagious; she is so happy in everything she does. Ms "V" warms my heart every morning when she greets me with a happy yip and a full body wag. She LOVES her off leash time, doing zoomies and running around with a Kong. She is happy to work anywhere, enjoying being out and about with her person.

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This photo is a profile view of Venice, a black lab, is wearing her harness, looking at the camera, and has her front feet on the curb during a sidewalkless route in the rain.
Venice is upside down, laying on her back, showing her belly, while on tie down in the kennel. She is laying on a bright blue dog bed with two Nylabones laying next to her. The picture is a little blurry from her wiggling which has also pushed off a baby blue softer dog mat halfway off the bright blue dog bed.