July 2023 Pupdate for Adam

Posted 7/20/2023

Adam is making a big splash into summer 2023 here at Guide Dogs! He loves to jump into the pool first on hot summer days and he takes up the whole pool by himself! When Adam is not doing laps in the kiddie pool he is hard at work guiding us to coffee shops and bagels for lunch! I guess he is the “work hard, play hard” kind of dog we love. Adam also enjoys kibbles and to butt scratches after a day off work here in Oregon. Adam is sending hugs to all his fans!

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Adam is sitting nicely and looking into the camera with his harness on. He is standing in front of red and purple small flower bushes, which are planted right next to a green bench.
Adam is inside the blue kiddie pool with a huge smile on his face. His whole body is inside the water and his two front paw are hanging outside the pool. He has his tongue out and his tail is wagging outside the water as well.