July 2023 Pupdate for Chorizo

Posted 7/20/2023

Happy summer from our sweet and spicy Chorizo! He really lives up to his name which means "Sausage" in Spanish. He loves to take us to Boba shops, you can see a little pep in his step when he is guiding us there. When he is not working he likes to take naps where ever he can. He loves to work hard and play hard. When he is in community run with his friends, he likes to collect bones from the pool to play tug with his peers. We love our sweet and spicy dog Chorizo, he is simply the best!

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Chorizo is looking into the camera , sitting down wearing his Guide Dog harness. To the right of him is a brown table with rainbow colored stripes. He is waiting for his next move.
Chorizo is standing on a flat, wide, red bone platform. To his right you can see a kid sized blue pool filled with Nylabones! You can see a huge smile and tongue out as he is ready for play time with his friends!