July 2023 Pupdate for Cosmo

Posted 7/20/2023

Cosmo, who I like to call "Cos" or "Cosmosis Jones" is such a sweet, smart, loving little guy! He makes me smile constantly with his cute, happy face and silly personality, but he is also such a willing, hardworking dog. His favorite thing to do is snuggle and get back scratches and he gets SO excited to go out on routes and learn new things! Thank you so much for raising this special guy!!

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Cosmo sits in front of a painted mural of green and yellow avocados. He is wearing his harness and his mouth is open in a happy smile.
Cosmo sits in the play yard with a green play structure in the background. He is looking up at the camera with a silly expression on his face and tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.