July 2023 Pupdate for Dino

Posted 7/20/2023

Dino is such a sweet dog and always has a smile on his face. He gets so excited when it is time to go out for routes and does a little dance with his feet when it is his turn to work. When he's out doing guide work he gets so many compliments on his cute and youthful appearance. He really enjoys showing off all of his nylabones to his doggy friends during community run and taking naps on big, comfy dog beds in his free time.

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Dino, a male yellow lab, sits in harness with his tongue out. In the background is a brightly colored mural which says
Dino, a male yellow lab, is in a bowing stance with the front half of his body on the ground and his hind end up in the air. He is chewing on a nylabone during community run.