July 2023 Pupdate for Michon

Posted 7/20/2023

Michon is such a laid-back guy that has stolen the hearts of the techs that are around him! With his big, floppy ears and his dark eyes, how could you not fall in love with Michon's adorable face! While awaiting training, Michon has enjoyed having roommates, currently a male yellow lab. Michon is a joy to roommate with other dogs and gets along with everyone so well! Michon loves playing with his roommate and other dogs in CR and loves hanging out on his comfy bed in the center section with the techs!

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A portrait of Michon, a male black lab, sitting in a grassy field. There is a two toned pink leash connected to his collar.
Michon bounds toward a blue jolly ball in he concrete community run area. His front feet are off the ground, his ears are partially back, and his mouth is partially open as he runs.