July 2023 Pupdate for Verona

Posted 7/20/2023

"Miss V" has continued to love her toy time after routes this month! She loves rubbing against my legs while parading her toy, and shows it off to anyone who walks by. She adores her roommate, also a female black lab. The two love to play together in the community run area at the end of the day, running back-and-forth while leaping over the play structures. Though she takes her work very seriously, she becomes and incredibly affectionate lap dog during her down time.

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A female black lab sits on a paved sidewalk wearing her brown, leather GDB harness with a serious expression on her face. Her black coat is accentuated by a small patch of white hair on her chest and belly. Behind her is a wire fence and a tree.
Female black lab Verona sits on a green play structure with a nylabone at her feet. Behind her is a red jolly ball and a green fence. Her ears are perked and her mouth is open, giving the impression of her smiling at the camera.