July 2023 Pupdate for Wrigley

Posted 7/20/2023

Wrigley is a very happy pup! He is always excited when I come to get him from the kennel, earning himself the nickname "Wiggly Wrigley". He is very focused on routes and is so proud when he does the right thing. In community run he loves to play with Nylabones and Jolly Eggs.

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Yellow lab Wrigley sits in harness on the sidewalk facing the camera with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. Behind him are green, leafy plants and small, white flowers.
Yellow lab Wrigley runs excitedly in an enclosed, concrete yard. He has a large, red, plastic Jolly Egg in his mouth. His front paw is in the air as he prances towards the camera. In the background are blue, red, and green play structures.