June 2023 Pupdate for Aloha

Posted 6/15/2023

Aloha is so much fun! She has adjusted nicely to the kennels and enjoys her playtime in community run with her friends! She can often be found happily carrying a nylabone around in her mouth or cuddling up with a staff member, earning her the nickname Cutie-patootie. We love Aloha!

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Petite Golden Retriever Aloha is sitting on a blue bed with the blue speckled kennel wall behind her.  She is looking off to the side of the camera with her large, dark round eyes and her light brown nose prominent.
Golden Retriever Aloha is sitting on a green play structure in the community run area with a nylabone hanging out of one side of her mouth.  The sun is setting, making this Golden Retriever even more golden than usual!