June 2023 Pupdate for Dreamer

Posted 6/15/2023

Dreamer is so fun! She still impresses me with her intelligence and eagerness to learn. She is also so bouncy when she plays and she likes to bound and leap with her toys. And during down-time she likes to always show me her ability to roll all the way over from one side to the other when we're on the floor together.

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Dreamer, a female brindle lab, is sitting in front of a bed of bright red geranium flowers. She is staring intently at the camera and her brown brindle spots are shining in the sun.
Dreamer, a female brindle lab, is walking towards the camera with a big smile on her face and her tongue almost hanging out of her mouth. She is in a community play area and a fence and brightly colored play structures are in the background.