June 2023 Pupdate for Keiko

Posted 6/15/2023

Happy summer from Keiko! Keiko has been settling into campus nicely and making new friends. She loves to zoom around the grassy free run areas and loves chewing on nylabones while nestled next to a staff member for cuddles. She is eager to please and can't wait to start with her instructor!

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Keiko, a petite yellow lab, is mid jump while running around in the grassy area on the Oregon campus. Both her ears are flopped up and her mouth is open with her tongue flopped out. She has a gleeful look on her face.
Keiko, a petite yellow lab is sitting on a red play structure in one of the Oregon campus community runs on a warm, sunny day. A bone is sitting at her front paws. Her tounge is hanging out and she looks to be waiting in anticipation of a yummy snack.