June 2023 Pupdate for Kingsley

Posted 6/15/2023

Kingsley has experienced so much in the passed month! This week, he learned how to work in buildings, target light poles, and ride escalators. Kingsley is blossoming into a lovely guide and I thoroughly enjoy his confidence and initiative. During our down time, Kingsley LOVES to snuggle and roll on his back for endless belly rubs.

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Kingsley sits, in harness and back booties, in front of a set of escalators in the Clackamas Mall. He is looking directly into the camera with what looks like a big, open-mouthed smile.
Kingsley playfully lies down on his back with his legs extended into the air. He is on tie-down and resting on a soft dog bed with two Nylabones at his head. His eye is wide with excitement.