June 2024 Pupdate for Aislin

Posted 6/20/2024

June is finally here, which means sun, fun, and free-run time! Aislin has wasted no time making the most of the summer sun, making sure to keep her work-life balance in perfect equilibrium. Aislin’s goofy smiles and empathetic bond with her trainer reminds us of what having fun is all about, either during playtime or guidework training. She loves to explore the local training spots and can’t help but laugh as this girl becomes friends with everyone she meets. Thanks for raising such a special girl!

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Aislin, a female yellow lab, runs towards the camera in one of our turf free run areas on our Oregon campus. A blue stuffy tug toy hangs out to the left of her mouth and her tongue flies out to the right, with both ears bouncing behind her.
Aislin, a female yellow lab, sits in her GDB harness in front of a local mural in downtown Gresham. She smiles and squints her eyes towards the camera in the summer sun.