June 2024 Pupdate for Arcade

Posted 6/20/2024

June is proof that summer is on the way, and Arcade is proof that we have the best jobs ever! Arcade wakes up every morning with a can-do attitude, and we love how she can read the room to animate alongside us or settle into a calming cuddle session. “Cadey” has been eager to explore all of the Oregon areas that we often train in, and she really enjoys learning new strategies to navigate the world around her. It’s great to watch this little girl grow up so much; thanks for raising Miss Arcade!

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Arcade, a female black lab, jumps on to a blue plastic sloped play structure in one of our community run areas. She holds a plastic bone in her mouth and her ears and tail bounce behind her.
Arcade, a female black lab, sits in her GDB harness in front of a set of art installations in downtown Gresham. She wears a dashing smile and looks at the camera with an open mouth.