June 2024 Pupdate for Arkin

Posted 6/20/2024

Arkin, AKA Arky Sharky is loving his job as a guide dog! He has learned so much and taken every step in stride. He is such a fast learner and keeps me on my toes! His favorite things are playing with his roommate and friends in CR and targeting EVERYTHING (doors, curbs, escalators, pedestrian poles, etc.). Thank you for raising such a confident pup!

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Arkin stands on top of a set of red play structure stairs inside a large fenced in play yard. His mouth is agape as he focuses on his primary handler. There are large trees surrounding him in the background and some blue sky and sunshine peeking through the trees.
Arkin sits in the middle of a sidewalk in his guide dogs harness, staring intently at his primary handler. There is a city scape in the background with multiple store fronts and the sky is blue.