June 2024 Pupdate for Barley

Posted 6/20/2024

Barley says "Hey" from the Oregon campus! She has been working hard learning all of her guide dog skills, and can't wait to keep learning more and more every day! Miss Barley is always so happy to put her harness on and explore what the PNW has to offer. When she isn't in harness, she loves to have some cuddle time with her instructor or the CWTTs (belly rubs are a fave!), or find a really good bone to chew in Community Run with her friends! Thanks for raising this paw-some pup!

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A yellow lab sits in a leather Guide Dog harness. She is in front of a green bush and sitting on some bark chips, and is looking at the camera.
A yellow lab laying on a green karunda bed. Her eyes are open and her mouth is slightly open showing her bottom teeth. Her ear is flipped over her head as she is being silly and is mid roll on her bed.