June 2024 Pupdate for Fatima

Posted 6/20/2024

Happy Summer from Fatima! Fatima has had a blast working this month and showing off how smart she is. She has loved working in the city and she LOVES to find things! Fatima is really good at problem solving and weaving around pedestrians. Her tail is wagging 24/7 and everyone tells me how cute she is. I feel so lucky to have such a cute pup! Fatima loves to wrestle with her roommate and best friend in community run. Fatima looks forward to running around, earning lots of kibble, and going shopping each week!

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Fatima, a female yellow lab, sits in harness in front of a water fountain in downtown Portland. Behind her is a city scape, tall building, and a blue sky. She has her tongue hanging out.
Fatima, a female yellow lab, climbs a green plastic play structure in community run towards her instructor. Both her ears are flying up and she looks like baby Yoda.