June 2024 Pupdate for Heirloom

Posted 6/20/2024

Nyx (Heirloom) had a busy month. For new experiences, she had her first swim in our pool. With practice her stroke is becoming smoother, and she is happy to have a cool exercise outlet as Texas has become hotter. We had a professional photo shoot donated to us and Nyx was gleaming. For sounds, we work on her alerting when we are napping, outside or at a distance, continuing to challenge her abilities, which she really enjoys. We know she will thrive with someone as active, engaged and devoted as she is.

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Black Lab Nyx wears a blue collar while laying on the paw of a yellow Lab friend.
Shiny black Lab Nyx lies in a regal pose on a hardwood floor with pink floral wallpaper in the background.