June 2024 Pupdate for Jax

Posted 6/20/2024

Hello from Jax! Jax has been enjoying the summer weather we have been experiencing in Oregon. From lounging by the kiddie pool, sniffy walks, and playing with all the toys he could dream of, Jax has been having a blast here on campus. Jax especially loves to play with food-dispensing toys and Jolly Eggs. Thank you for raising this fun-loving boy!

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Dark yellow labrador, Jax, stands on a green play structure. He is holding a bone-shaped Kong toy on one side of his mouth while his tongue hangs out on the other side. A bright blue sky is behind him.
Dark yellow labrador, Jax, stands on a blue play structure and looks in to the camera. His tongue is hanging out of his mouth and a yellow Jolly Egg lies under him.