June 2024 Pupdate for Keystone

Posted 6/20/2024

Happy summer from Keystone! This handsome guy is happiest with his people, he loves to run errands with staff members around campus, engage in a good game of tug in the free run areas and is so happy to just sit by your side, leaned up against you. He always puts a smile on staff members faces. Thanks for raising Keystone!

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Keystone, an adorable fluffy LGX is laying on his back, belly up with his front legs reaching towards the sky. His eyes are closed and a figure 8 toy is laying near his slightly agape mouth. He looks joyful as he plays with a staff member.
Keystone, an adorable fluffy LGX is sitting on a bench on the Oregon campus. Behind him is some green foliage. He stares deeply into the camera with his dark eyes, hoping for a snack.