June 2024 Pupdate for Knox

Posted 6/20/2024

Knox has been doing a great job keeping the kennel staff company during his time on the Oregon campus. He has earned honorary Oregonian status as he doesn't mind going out for a walk or free-run time in the rain. However, he also certainly enjoys spending his afternoons snoozing in the sunshine or working on a food toy. He has an adorable bunny hop he does when he's excited to see us, but he's a calm gentleman when he's dressed up for a walk. We have enjoyed getting to know him!

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A portrait of handsome Knox, a yellow Labrador Retriever, sitting on a green plastic platform in the community run area. He is looking at the camera with a soft, closed mouth expression.
Knox, a yellow Labrador Retriever, is leaping towards the camera in the cement free-run area. His front feet are off the ground and his ears are flapping in the wind.