June 2024 Pupdate for Lego

Posted 6/20/2024

Lego is the sweetest! He never turns down a good snuggle and bonded quickly to his handlers. Some of his favorite things are snuggling with his roommate, chewing on bones, and carrying around stuffy toys. He also loves to work to various destinations and settle next to his handler. He has been an absolute joy to work with!

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Lego lays in the CR area chewing on a Nylabone that is positioned between his front paws.
Lego sits on the sidewalk in front of a mural wearing his guide dog harness. He appears to be smiling as he looks at his handler. The scene behind him is of a grassy area with a small bird house and butterflies flying. There is a gutter downspout in the center which is painted gold to look like a flag pole. The words Sandy and Oregon are on either side of the downspout in the Oregon State flag colors of blue and gold.