June 2024 Pupdate for Louise

Posted 6/20/2024

Little miss Louise has stolen our hearts here on the Oregon campus! Not only is she sweet and well-mannered, but she extremely adorable. She loves to pick up her bones and present them to people, and she always has her signature flared ears when she does this. You can find her enjoying a nap on a comfy bed or sunbathing outside. We have enjoyed getting to know her!

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A portrait of Louise, a black Labrador Retriever, laying down on Astroturf. The sun is shining on her glossy black fur and she is looking at the camera with an adorable closed mouth expression.
Louise, a black Labrador Retriever, is sitting on a green kuranda bed and looking at the camera with bright, dark eyes. She has a yellow nylabone in her mouth and her ears are flared to the sides.