June 2024 Pupdate for Nugget

Posted 6/20/2024

Nugget aka "Nug" or "Chicken Nugget" has been LOVING his time at guide dog school. He does a little tip tap dance with his front feet when he sees his harness due to his excitement. He takes his job very seriously and is excellent at showing his handler tripping hazards, such as uneven pavement or overgrown plants. When not working, Nugget can be found playing with his bright pink barbell toy, getting belly rubs and taking naps on his plush dog bed, or romping in the doggy pool on hot Summer days. Thank you puppy raisers, he is a phenomenal dog!

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Nugget lays on cement wearing his guide dog harness. He has an open mouth and a smile on his face with his head slightly tilted to the right. In the foreground, a small pile of kibble is placed on the ground a few inches away from Nugget. Nugget stares past the camera, doing an excellent job at food refusal.
Nugget is standing with his front feet on carpet and his back feet on a dog bed. He holds a bright pink barbell dog toy in his mouth while looking innocently into the camera.