June 2024 Pupdate for Pogo

Posted 6/20/2024

Pogo said he was “Po-going” to teach us how to have fun this summer, and so far, he was right! This sweet, silly guy has spent all day every day making friends, getting kibbles, and exploring our campus and the Portland area. Pogo has loved play time in the summer sun, making time to cuddle on route, and he and his roommate are like peas and carrots together. “Po-gee” is making the most of our summer weather this month and we’re so lucky to be spending it with him.

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Pogo, a male yellow lab/golden cross, is mid-stride in one of our community run areas here in Oregon. He holds a plastic bone in his mouth and looks up at the camera with a truly happy expression.
Pogo, a male yellow lab/golden cross, sits in his GDB harness on a sidewalk. He tilts his head, looking towards the camera with an adorable open-mouthed smile. A building is out of focus in the background.