June 2024 Pupdate for Powers

Posted 6/20/2024

Playful Powers is pretty sure posing for pupdate pictures is preposterous, but he still shared some stunning stances! Powers has enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather on his guidework routes this month, and he’s especially loved exploring our Oregon campus with his kennel staff to find the best sniffy spots available. He loves his rest and relaxation time and even got to share a home with one of our foster care providers this month! Sweet “Pow-Man’s” mojo is warming our hearts more than the summer sun; we’re so lucky to have him here in Oregon.

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Powers, a male yellow lab, runs closely by the camera in one of our community run areas. He holds a black and red rubber figure-8 toy in his mouth and wears a playfully excited expression, with his eyes bright and his ears flying in the air.
Powers, a male yellow lab, sits in his GDB harness on a sidewalk. He wears a serious expression as he looks towards the camera. A large red firetruck in front of blue skies is out of focus in the background.