June 2024 Pupdate for Raelyn

Posted 6/20/2024

Raelyn is currently waiting for placement with her client. Here is what her trainer, Melissa, had to say about Raelyn: We continue to work together to generalize all Raelyn's tasks she has learned while here at DBL. We are starting a new task, called "Name Call." Raelyn continues to love her playgroups with all the dogs. She gets a morning playgroup each day. Her best friends are Dorothy and Cliff, also originally from GDB! Fun Fact: Raelyn and her other dog friends created beautiful art paintings where their trainers' put blobs of paint on a canvas, then wrapped it with saran wrap, and put peanut butter on top of the saran wrap. The dogs created their own unique Picassos!

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Yellow Lab Raelyn sits in the grass in the shade sporting a red collar and looking at the camera.
A cute picture of Yellow Lab Raelyn standing with her tongue out!