June 2024 Pupdate for Roo

Posted 6/20/2024

Roo is so much fun. She is loving learning and growing in confidence to work in so many varied environments. She loves her people and all her dog friends. Roo has such a big heart.

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Roo (yellow Labrador/ Golden Retriever cross, female) is laying in the sun in community run facing directly to the camera with one eyebrow lifted. She is holding a partially chewed Nyla bone with her front feet and has a red hose laying on the ground on either side of her.
Roo (yellow Labrador/ Golden Retriever cross, female) is facing directly att he camera with her head slightly cocked while wearing her harness. She is sitting on a blacktop path in dappled shade in a park. In the background are several large trees and a small pond with a fountain and cattails. Under the tree behind Roo are the barely visible silhouettes of several ducks.