June 2024 Pupdate for Trek

Posted 6/20/2024

Trek (aka "Treksy" or "Trekson") has come such a long way in his training and is having a great time with us! He is not only a nice guide, but just a fun and sweet boy to relax and play with. Whenever I am in the kennel, he is always easy to spot as he will be on 2 legs looking at me over the kennel stalls. I love how easy to please he is and will get excited for almost any toy I give him.

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A black Lab sits, in harness, on an enclosed glass bridge in Downtown Portland. He is facing and looking directly at the camera with a calm expression on his face. The background shows a slightly blurred view of various buildings in Downtown Portland on a sunny day.
A black Lab sits on a grey, plastic toy boy in community run. He is looking to his left while holding a black, figure eight tug toy.