June 2024 Pupdate for Triscuit

Posted 6/20/2024

Happy Summer from Triscuit! Triscuit is definitely a city girl! She loves weaving in and out of pedestrians like a professional. She has been working on more advanced guide work skills and picking up new concepts well! Triscuit loves working with new handlers and showing off what a good girl she is. She loves to wrestle her roommate and fellow dogs in community run. She continues to hop around, enjoying life, and looking forward to going into town!

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Triscuit, a petite female yellow lab, sits in harness in front of a water fountain in downtown Portland. You can see the city scape and tall buildings behind her.
Triscuit, a petite female yellow lab, is leaping in the air doing one of her classic bunny hops in community run. Both her ears and front paws are up and she has her mouth open smiling.