March 2024 Pupdate for Captain

Posted 3/21/2024

Hi from Captain! Happy Cappy has been dancing her way to the training van each morning and it is so cute. She is well known around campus for being such a cute, squishy, and happy girl. Captain has been working in the busy city and learning more complex routes. She has also enjoyed getting to work with new handlers this month! Captain loves to do zoomies around community run and try to hold two bones in her mouth at once. Captain is so special and has stolen a piece of my heart! You should be very proud of her!

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Captain, a female black Labrador retriever, sits in harness on a sidewalk in the park. She is looking at the camera and her tongue is out licking her lips.
Captain, a female black Labrador retriever, stands on a green plastic play structure in community run. She is looking up at the camera with her brown amber eyes. Her tail is wagging.