March 2024 Pupdate for Cyrus

Posted 3/21/2024

Hello from Cyrus! This sweet guy has been learning how to work in buildings, the big city, and escalators! Cyrus loves a good belly rub after our routes or a bone to chew and celebrate with. He adores his roommate, a large male yellow lab, and often hangs out with the instructors during community run for some extra love.

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A black lab, golden cross sits in a harness with a multicolored leash outstretched towards the camera.  He is looking into the camera as he sits on a red-bricked sidewalk in a city.  Behind is a wet city street with cars, surrounded by large buildings.
A black lab, golden cross sits on a cement parking lot looking into the camera on a sunny day.  A pink leash is outstretched toward the camera and a GDB training van is behind him along with some houses.