March 2024 Pupdate for Doralyn

Posted 3/21/2024

Doralyn and I just met and began training this past week! She is already doing her best to be a perfect student and is so engaging when we are working together. This week, we focused on foundational obedience behaviors, introducing the harness body, and learning to lead out in front of her handler! During her down time, Doralyn loves spending time in her x-pen with lots of toys, or playing in community runs with her teammates!

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A yellow, coated Labrador Golden cross sits, in harness, on a wooden bench on the Oregon campus. She looks slightly off-camera with great focus as she waits for her kibble reward.
A yellow Labrador Golden cross sits on red playground equipment in community run. She is is looking excitedly into the camera with wide eyes and an open mouth, in anticipation of a treat.