March 2024 Pupdate for Dorothy

Posted 3/21/2024

Dorothy is currently learning tasks from both of our programs, autism/facility and hearing. We have been working on polite greetings with her as she gets excited when people approach. In the hearing program training, she has completed a full sequence with the oven timer, where she sources the sound, goes to the person, taps them on the leg to alert, and takes them to the sound. We are adding distractions on this sound, and once she has successfully mastered this, we will move on to the next sound.

Dorothy has also accomplished the task of visit. This is from our autism/facility program, where she is asked to rest her head on the person’s lap.

Dorothy went on quite a few outings this last month, such as grocery stores, bookstores, restaurant, and a local park. She did great at the restaurant, settling under the table and staying in place, even when the waiter approached our table to not only take our order, but especially when the food was delivered. This was quite a challenge for her with all those great smells above her, but she stayed in a relaxed position, only having to be reminded once. Good job Dorothy!

Dorothy continues to love those soft toys! Currently, she has a favorite, a yellow, furry, squeaky toy that she loves to shake and tear at. Even as much as she loves them, she is very good about trading them for a yummy treat.

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Yellow Lab Dorothy sits beautifully with green grass and mountains in the background.
Yellow Lab Dorothy looks at the camera with soulful brown eyes as she sits surrounded by multicolored flowers.