March 2024 pupdate for Gwendolyn

Posted 3/21/2024

Happy spring from Gwendolyn! Gwen or Gweny as we often call her has been enjoying her time on the Oregon campus. She has made lots of new friends, human and canine. She absolutely loves to show off her toys and is very proud of them. We have very much enjoyed our time with her on campus!

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Gwendolyn, an adorable yellow lab is standing in a grassy play yard on the Oregon campus on a beautiful, sunny day. Her ears are perked and she is staring intensely at something behind the camera in anticipation.
Gwendolyn, an adorable yellow lab is sitting on a red play structure in a free yard on the Oregon campus. Behind her is a forested area with lots of frees and bark chips. She is looking at the camera intently in anticipation of a snack.