March 2024 Pupdate for Heirloom

Posted 3/21/2024

Miss Nyx had a bit of an adventure this month and went to stay with a puppy raiser at college. We had Nyx practice some sounds for her so she could keep them up in the new dorm room environment. Her training has shifted from dedicated set up sessions to more random sounds throughout the day, just like in real life. She is doing well and is sometimes surprised when a sound goes off that she is not expecting. Her face is quite funny at those times, she seems to be asking “should I get that?” We are very happy to see that she is making steady improvement. The street hockey ball continues to be her favorite toy and play sessions her favorite time of day. Although she is eager for her one-on-one retrieve time, she does a fantastic “wait” at the top of our deck while different dogs take turns, but she is down in a heartbeat when she hears the “free” word. We hope our next update includes some matching news.

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Black Lab Nyx, wearing a blue and red vest and a Gentle Leader, waits patiently next to a backpack with her trainer at the cafeteria.