March 2024 Pupdate for Jambo

Posted 3/21/2024

Jambo has enjoyed getting into the swing of things this March. Unsurprisingly, Jambo has earned himself another nickname because he’s just so sweet: Jambo Juice! As such, we took him to a Jamba Juice store to get his picture taken. This handsome guy has had his instructor team cracking up laughing with his adorably noisy bone-chewing after routes, and we can’t help but love his affectionate demeanor in his downtime.

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Male yellow lab, Jambo, runs in a fenced-in area on our Oregon campus. He holds a large blue plastic Jolly-Ball in his mouth and wags his tail behind him, with woodchips underfoot.
Male yellow lab, Jambo, sits in his GDB harness in a mall-style food court. Above his head are bright green letters spelling “Jamba”, as he poses in front of the Jamba Juice smoothie store.