March 2024 Pupdate for Lolo

Posted 3/21/2024

Hi from Lolo! Miss Lo has been the queen of starting tug parties in community run this month. She likes to compete with all the dogs and out tug everyone. Lolo has been a pleasure to train and has stolen a piece of my heart. Lolo has enjoyed learning more complex routes and working in a busy city environment this month. She has been getting worked by new handlers as well and has done amazing. You should be very proud of her! She loves to wiggle to the training van each morning and give lots of kisses.

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Lolo, a female yellow Labrador retriever, stands in harness on a sidewalk in a park. She is wearing four booties and is looking at the camera.
Lolo, a female yellow Labrador retriever, stands on a blue plastic play structure and is playing tug with her instructor and her ears are flopping everywhere.