March 2024 Pupdate for Raelyn

Posted 3/21/2024

Raelyn is doing very well overall in formal training at Dogs for Better Lives. She is working the sounds door knock, smoke alarm, oven timer, keys dropped and both home and cell phone’s ringing, along with cell phone alarm. Her favorite part of training right now is the phone sound, as she gets very excited! She has excellent obedience skills, which truly makes it a pleasure to work with her when out in public. Recently we had a "Fun Friday" where all the dogs and trainers got together and did some obedience games! She was amazing and able to still focus on her new handler, even amongst all the other dogs in the room. Raelyn’s handler is quite impressed with what a wonderfully versatile girl she is. She has no doubt she will be a wonderful assistance dog for a very special person. Raelyn recently found a new favorite toy, a large stuffed pickle wearing a Santa hat. After a long training session, you will find Raelyn snuggling with “Mr. Pickle!” Very cute to see!

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Yellow Lab Raelyn sticks out her tongue while wearing a blue leash and sitting on a sidewalk covered with snow.
Yellow Lab Raelyn looks at the camera while lying in a green field wearing a green harness and red collar.