March 2024 Pupdate for Valerie

Posted 3/21/2024

Hi from Valerie! Valerie is such a sweet and easy going girl. Her foster care provider loves her and Valerie does so well with her grandkids. Valerie has been enjoying working on more complex routes and in the busy city environment. She has also gotten to work with new handlers this month and has been very good! Valerie has stolen a piece of my heart and you should be very proud of her! I love her kisses and when her ears go backwards when she is excited.

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Valerie, a female yellow Labrador retriever, stands in harness on a sidewalk in the park. She is wearing four booties and is looking at the camera.
Valerie, a female yellow Labrador retriever, leaps through the air in the grassy free run area on the Oregon campus. Her front feet are off the ground and her ears are flying.