March 2024 Pupdate for Vulcan

Posted 3/21/2024

Happy March from Vulcan! This squishy guy has been learning all the fun elements of training like escalators, big city work, and buildings. Vulcan is always ready to learn new things and loves to load up in our training van for a new adventure. He gets so many smiles when we are out on our routes in town and I love how his lip gets caught on his tooth occasionally; he is so adorable! He loves to sit by the instructors in community-run or play tug with his roommate. Everyone loves Vulcan!

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A yellow lab sits on a wood bench on the Oregon campus with a harness on.  Behind him is a garden bed
A yellow lab looks into the camera with a black rubber toy in his mouth.  He is in mid-tug with his instructor and has a determined look on his face.  Behind him is cement and a blue play structure,