May 2023 Pupdate for Adam

Posted 5/18/2023

Adam has been a joy to work with and get to know! He has been a natural at learning about guidework basics and picks up on concepts very quickly. He is always very engaged during training sessions and appears to enjoy having a "job". When he is not focused on learning about being a guide dog, he enjoys playing with the other dogs in community run or having a stuffed Kong in his kennel. I can not wait to see how he continues to thrive learning the more complex aspects of being a guide dog!

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Adam lays inside a blue tunnel in the community run area. His mouth is open and ears are up as he stares at his handler wondering if he will get a kibble.
Adam sits on a bench in front of a pink flowering Dogwood tree on the Oregon campus. His mouth is open as he intently stares at the camera.